User Agreement

To maintain the publicness and safety of the hotel, guests using the hotel must adhere to the rules set out below. If you do not follow these rules, we may refuse to use the hotel. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. (1) Do not use firearms, irons, etc. for heating, cooking, pressing, etc. in the corridor and guest rooms. However, the equipment provided in the hotel is excluded. (2) Do not smoke in a place that is likely to cause a fire, such as in a bed. (3) Do not make others disgust or inconvenience others by high-pitched vocalization, loud acts, etc. (4) Do not bring the following items into the hallway or guest room. (A) Pets such as animals and birds (B) Those that emit a marked odor (C) Remarkably large amount of goods (D) Items that are easily ignited or ignited, such as gunpowder or volatile oil (E) Guns and swords that are not legally possessed (5) Do not do anything that disturbs the publicity and discipline in the corridor and guest rooms. (6) Do not use the equipment and items in the corridor and guest rooms for purposes other than their intended purpose. (7) Do not take items in the guest room out of the hotel or move them to other places in the hotel. (8) Do not attach foreign matter to the building or equipment of the hotel or change the current situation. If damaged, the actual cost will be charged. (9) Do not hang items that impair the appearance of the hotel on the window. (10) Do not distribute advertisements to other customers in the hotel. (11) Do not leave shoes or other personal belongings in the hallway or lobby. (12) This hotel has no curfew. Please be sure to bring your room card with you when you go out. If you lose your room card, you will be charged the actual cost. (13) Please contact the front desk staff in advance if you want to change the number of nights. (14) You can store your laundry and lost items for up to 3 months after departure. (15) Please leave your valuables at the front desk. The hotel will not be responsible for any other theft. (16) Please pay the accommodation fee in advance for the number of nights upon check-in. In case of extra night, please pay for the number of nights at the time of request. (17) Do not unintentionally bring in outpatients into the guest room or use the equipment and goods in the guest room. The hotel does not allow anyone other than the hotel guests to enter the room. (18) Do not use the guest room or lobby as an office or sales office.